More Ghostly Hangouts?

Lorenzo Atkinson Apartments

111 East Gorham Street

Justice James C. Kerwin, who served on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, died unexpectedly at this house on East Gorham Street on Jan. 30, 1921 after being troubled by a nervous condition.

Construction Date: 1916
Wisconsin Architecture & History Inventory (AHI)
#: 37084
District: Mansion Hill Historic District
Style: Craftsman
PPA: 4 – Death

Charles & Nancy Bross Residence

1102 Grant Street

Dr. Joseph Schafer, noted historian and author, died at this home on Grant Street on Jan. 27, 1941 after suffering a brief illness.

Construction Date: 1892, 1966
Wisconsin Architecture & History Inventory (AHI)
#: 37204
District: Wingra Park Historic District
Style: Queen Anne
PPA: 4 – Death

W.A.P. Morris House

635 Howard Place

William Augustus Pringle Morris, a lawyer and prominent figure of the Wisconsin Bar, died at this home on Howard Place on Sept. 16, 1920 following three months of failing health after being stricken with apoplexy. Mr. Morris was 89 years old.

Construction Date: 1901, 1902
Wisconsin Architecture & History Inventory (AHI)
#: 101680
District: Langdon Street Historic District
Style: Queen Anne
PPA: 4 – Death