The PPA Scale

Potential Paranormal Activity (PPA) Scale

The PPA scale was invented as a way to classify and predict future paranormal activity. Researchers have found that death, violent events and past paranormal activity are the best predictors of future strange events at a particular location.  The higher the PPA rating, the more likely paranormal activity will occur.

As a courtesy, we’ve included the PPA rating for each of the places cataloged on this website. We hope that you find these ratings useful as you investigate various haunts.

ghosticon 1 – No Known Activity
ghosticonghosticon 2 – Some Strangeness Reported
ghosticonghosticonghosticon 3 – Violent Event
ghosticonghosticonghosticonghosticon 4 – Death
ghosticonghosticonghosticonghosticonghosticon 5 – Prior Ghost Sighting